Nostalgic Feelings

Woke up this morning from you nibbling on my ear, and I opened my eyes and saw your goofy smile. What I did not tell you was the dream I had, just before I came to. It's a Monday; we are both retired, and I you are asking me to bring the river onion from the pantry. I walk pass the fridge door and catch my reflection, and I spot my entire head covered in grey hair, and I smile and walk pass, as I walk into the kitchen you are busy preparing to cook your mutton curry stew that I love so dearly. You look older, probably in your early 50’s but you still HOT to me. A call comes in and its Aya, she is working in Johannesburg for the week and she promises to eat lunch with us on Sunday, and you say something about worrying about the fact that she still single. I am chopping the onion and we have two glasses of red wine that we were drinking, as you ask me “Did you rinse them Baby,”” what?”,” The onions Zama?” I nod and you continue to tell me about a story about Aviwe and telling me he is joining us for lunch on Sunday.

The stew is simmering and you ask me to help with chopping the Cherry Tomatoes for a salad. The wind is picking up and I decide to walk to the sliding doors to close them when I notice that we live at the Coast, however I am not shocked by this, and I somehow KNOW this. Its then that I notice that you are in a summer dress, the ones that I like on you, it just drapes your figure and hugs your waist line, showing off your ass, and how I still at this age I still love the sight of your ass in a summer dress. The house is not that big, its built in a cottage style and we seem to have moved to here to retire. We sit down for lunch and eat, talking about our kids mainly. Sinovuyo is not the president she planned to be, but she works as a United Nations ambassador for South African and currently she is in New York fighting some course, we both seem to be proud of her but still worry that she needs to bring her kids more often to South Africa.

A nock at the door disturbs us, and you answer, “Come in Aviwe!” - He looks so handsome, he is a bit taller than me, and looks scruffy like he works a field. It’s then that I remember that he owes a farm and brings us fresh produce every Monday to prepare for the week. He walks straight up to me and hugs me like I am one of his friends, “Hey Dad, how’s the salad?” we both exchange pleasantries and as I am about to take the basket from him, when small little feet follow him. It's a girl, she looks 4/5 years with only has her doll with her. She is running towards me, with the biggest smile, my heart is pounding I am suddenly as excited as her. “Tam’Khulu!” she shouts and jumps onto me and I catch her in midair, she is Azenathi, Aviwe’s first born and our 3 Grandchild after Sinovuyo’s 2 sons. You insist she comes and washes her hands with you in the kitchen and Aviwe and I talk about the State of Kaizer Chiefs and complain about our start in the season. We all sit back down and eat, and Aze is playing with her food until Aviwe gives her a stern look and she says, “Sorry Daddy!”. We both look at each other and smile, the smile is not of pride but of one of being thankful for all that the lord has blessed us with. The day folds itself quickly and before you and I know it, it's 4pm and Aviwe insist on leaving so he could go and help his Wife prepare for dinner, and he promises to bring the family for Sunday Lunch. I help you pack the dished into the dish washer and we wipe the kitchen clean. As soon as we walk into our bedroom, our house phone rings and its Sino, she just woke up in New York, and judging from your excitement I can see she is telling you good news, you break the conversation only to ask, “Wana speak to Dad?” and you continue to talk. You say your good mornings with her at 19:00 SA time and laugh about it like it’s your “special joke”. I had left you talking to her and went to the bathroom to run you a bath. You walk in and find me topless, bent over trying to feel the temperature of the water, “Hey you sexy bum!” you squeeze my ass as usual and we both chuckle about it and I exclaim, “That never gets old!”

We make love onto the open sun deck of our bedroom sliding door, looking over the Indian ocean, and we fall asleep in a spooning position whilst looking at the full moon…as my eyes are finding sleep…..I woke up to the sensation of you nibbling on my ear….

Composer: Zama Titi
Editor: Tebogo Temana


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