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Be More Assertive and Hold Your Ground in a Conversation

It can be rough when you don't feel like your heard in a conversation, but it can be even worse when someone hears exactly what you're saying and tries to steamroll right over you. Here are a few tips to help you stand your ground and get the respect you deserve in a conversation.
What It Means to Be Assertive
Being assertive isn't the easiest thing to jump into when you're shy, so perhaps the best way to start is by explaining what being assertive is not about. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive. Many people confuse the two or believe that you have to attack another person in order to assert yourself, but that's not the case. Being assertive does not mean that you make demands or tell someone what to do, and it also does not mean that you're only trying to get your way. In fact, you can be assertive and still find a way to reasonably compromise with someone, no problem.

It all comes down to respect. You show respect to who you're talking to, you …