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Nostalgic Feelings

Woke up this morning from you nibbling on my ear, and I opened my eyes and saw your goofy smile. What I did not tell you was the dream I had, just before I came to. It's a Monday; we are both retired, and I you are asking me to bring the river onion from the pantry. I walk pass the fridge door and catch my reflection, and I spot my entire head covered in grey hair, and I smile and walk pass, as I walk into the kitchen you are busy preparing to cook your mutton curry stew that I love so dearly. You look older, probably in your early 50’s but you still HOT to me. A call comes in and its Aya, she is working in Johannesburg for the week and she promises to eat lunch with us on Sunday, and you say something about worrying about the fact that she still single. I am chopping the onion and we have two glasses of red wine that we were drinking, as you ask me “Did you rinse them Baby,”” what?”,” The onions Zama?” I nod and you continue to tell me about a story about Aviwe and telling me he …