Truth is...

We live in times where facts seem to matter more than the truth. I guess because facts are easier to gather and understand as opposed to the truth. Most times truth defies all logic. Fact can answer the ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ but can fail to answer the ‘why’.

Evolution theory, as a case in point; presents its findings as fact that the human race is because we have progressed from an inferior ape species and that we are still evolving. When the Bible teaches that God created us from nothing, so what is a fact or truth here?

Here is an unchanging fact; light is devoid of the dark. Meaning; darkness is because there is no light, however not vice versa. The light exists whether or not there is darkness. Just like love, it exists regardless of fear or hate. Just like the truth it exists regardless of lies or facts.

God exists, whether or not science can prove His actual existence.  And that is the truth.  

(Anyway science is too young to understand God.)

We are not here because of some random chance nor are we descendants of some inferior creature that is still improving BUT God created us in His (moral) image.

Seeing something as fact doesn't necessarily make it the whole truth.

For example, a pencil looks rectangular from one point and circular in another.

Not seeing something doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist.

The truth is a cardinal direction and facts are what we need to get there.

So if we are to find the truth, we need to learn to accept the facts around God first.

Truth first = God First.

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