One day shall be the day!

There are times or days where you think to yourself that "When will I be the person I want to be". Guess what? You don't have the answer to that right? - Wrong, you are the decider to that.

Well I personally say what you need/want to happen to you for your personal success it's entirely up to you, yes that might sound like a cliché, however my point is that what you want out of life you can make it a possibility. Yes I'm not a millionaire to make myself better than everyone else.

For example, when you determined that you want a candy from a store, you make it a point that you have necessary time and tools budgeted for that... Don't lose track here- I'm trying to make a point that when you put effort and time into it, you'll finally have what you want.

The goal you aiming for might take longer than expect, yes there are challenges and stumbling blocks that will always disable you to get to it; hence it might take a while. Brothers and Sisters, when you are motivated to have something, you'll make it a point to get it irrespective how much time and energy consuming.

We are human, problems or challenges are events. Events are moments that comes and goes to help you to be a better person in regards of experiences. For you to know or achieve something, you need to fail before as that failure will give you experience so to do it better and differently.

So I say don't ever give up on your goals and dreams. If everything was on a silver platter; life wouldn't be as exciting as it is.
Best regards, Thought to live you with some food for thought....


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