My Very First Blog!

Well, I'd start by saying - Who am I?

My name it is Tebogo Benjamin Temana, I was born in Soweto in the year of 1984 on the six of October. I’m an open person, a believer, imaginative, creative and comfortable with varieties and change. But I can also tend towards individualistic behavior and impractical thinking.

And then get to say secondly - I'm a quick learner, able to become part of a team and taking on assignments is easy for me. I've worked in many different areas - being a loveLife Youth centre coordinator, IT desktop supporter and the National coordinator for Radio and Cyber Ys program in designing and developing content and head trainings for both programmes.. Blah blah blah, the rest is history.

Thirdly I'd say - I was very fortunate to travel to Malawi last year. The trip helped me in my upbringing by joining local organizations that deals with youth development. As part of my achievements for the trip to Malawi; I was appointed as a Deputy Chairperson for a youth-led organization in consideration of the skills and my experiences I have gathered in my professional life and from the trip and from the job I did for my community.

However would like to welcome all my readers and end it here as part of my introduction... Hoping for the next few months we will enjoy each other's company through our interactions in this blogg site.

:) enjoy, see you next time.


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