"Izandla ziyaGezana"

Today's piece it's about when the other hand fails to wash the other... I mean as we are people; it is human nature for us to have spouses, friends, cousins, relatives and mostly importantly the people whom God decides for you not as we chose our friends - FAMILY!

We often hear what elders seldom say "Izandla ziya gezana" (The other hand washes the other). However my question is; how often do we as humans practice that in our daily lives? How often do you help back the very same person who helped you when you were REALLY in need of their help?

I speak of such words because I have personally noticed in my experiences that family (yes, them) they actually ARE the people most times they don't really "scratch your back" quite as often as you do to them. Friends or Relatives sometimes doesn't really encourage you to be the person you really fond of becoming - Personally I think for one to succeed in life, it's not because I want to prove myself to friends or other relatives, BUT the people whom God chose for you as FAMILY!

One day it is all well and everybody is happier than you are of your achievements, however getting to a point where you fall on your knees, NONE of those would rejoice your failures so they help you to get up back on your feet. 

It all comes back to you when you all alone, around your four walls, on your bed at night that NO ONE REALLY CARED, but to help you finish all your wealth/riches.

I, for one; I have stopped in believing in "Izandla Ziyagezana".


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